I filmed this when we were at 3 hours, but here it is anyway!

Here we go again!

1. Is this your first blogathon?

It’s my first, but not my last! I will be back next year, and maybe I’ll blog then too.

2. Why are you participating in blogathon 2007?

A friend from my everquest2 guild was blogging a schedule and I wanted to do more than sponsor, I wanted to help! So I signed up to monitor b schedule.

3. What charity are you blogging for?

If I were blogging I would be blogging for any charity I could find related to Disabled American Veterans.

4. Why did you pick that charity?

my dad was a disabled veteran who passed away last summer, and I’d love to be able to honor him and his commitment to bettering the world by raising money for a DAV related charity!

5. What other charities did you consider before making a final decision?

A diabetes, or ADHD charity. Or the husky rescue charity, I don’t remember what it was now but someone was blogging for it and I wish I hadn’t run out of sponsor money already! I had a 4 year old Siberian husky rescue, my princess!

6. How much money have you raised so far?


7. What has kept you going this long?

All the incredible posts from my bloggers, I LOVE catching up with everything they have to say.

8. Will you be participating in the blogathon next year?

Oh yeah!

This survey is brought to you by Alanna, please go visit her blog!

It’s chilly, a fan blowing right on me… it’s helping with the “I want to go to bed now” thoughts tho. Socks, anyone?

Everyone is doing very very well! Keep up the good work!!!!! 19.5 more hours to go!

 Please excuse the mess, someone moved in today and we’re still trying to recover from cramming one more person into our quite full house! I know, I need to vaccum… I will tomorrow when I really need something to do. Meet my babies (Aslan is outside, so he’s not in this video… I’ll get him in the morning.


We’re almost an hour in already! I’ve been through all my blogs twice now, you all are doing an awesome job… I’m loving the stories, keep it coming!

Just a quick intro seeing as I have to get my first entry up shortly….

My name is Beth, I am 26 and married to my wonderful husband. My interests are reading, writing poetry, HTML, photoshop, movies, and music. I enjoy my two cats. I hate working but have to to pay the bills. :(

I’ll see you all around!


I’m Rachel, a 23 year old soon to be nursing student from Southern Oregon. I read anything and everything I can get my hands on, including blogs! So monitoring Blogathon just seemed right.

I have a Siberian husky named Princess Mia, and two cats, Aslan and Gray. I live at home with my mom, her fiancé (he just moved in today), my sister, and her friend. Our house is jammed packed, since my mom and sister both have cats too.

I play Everquest2, run a web based community with my friends, make fan-art and avatars for online role-play and chat in Photoshop, and role-play online. If I’m not online…. then I’m reading, or cleaning, spending time with my family, or enjoying the beach!

I’ll be posting here often because I love to talk, and I stole a video camera from a friend so I can throw up a video blog every now and then.

Good luck, and good writing!

Hey all!  This is my second year as monitor (although I did take a few years off between then and now) and I just wanted to fill you in on a little about ME!  (You’re way awesome monitor!)

I’m thirty years young and while I may be a Christian, I am unshockable!   I have been married to P-Daddy for almost four years (or is it five, I lose count) but he’s been in my life for over fifteen years (seriously, marry a friend, it rocks!)

I have three amazing kids.  ManChild is ten going on twenty.  He’s smart as a whip and has a heart of gold.  DramaChild (3 years old) is my hot-headed red-head that will give you a run for your money!  LittleBit (almost 2) is my little sweetie, but this kid is LOUD!  Don’t let her sixteen pound, peanut size fool you!

Both of my girls are enhanced with an extra chromosome (aka Down syndrome) and my son is enhanced with extra handsomeness (and yes, that is a word!)  Both my girls are also adopted.  DramaChild was adopted through the foster care system (a closed adoption, which I recently “opened”) and LittleBit was adopted through a VERY open private adoption (her birth family rocks).

Now, some of you may notice that I came here to tell you about ME and I ended up telling you about my family.  While they don’t DEFINE who I am, they do fill my life!

I also love to crochet (shut up, it’s so way cooler than you think!), read and write (hence, I blog.)  I’m a diet soda addict and I’m always up for a good laugh.  You just never know what I’ll pull out of my sleeve, so feel free to drop by and <a href=”http://imperfectchristian.com/blogathon”>check me out!</a>

Go Team Rupees!!!  (What the HECK is a Rupee??)

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